"What is there to do at Orchard Crest Retirement Community?"

Our activity calendar is full of a variety of events. We offer musical entertainment, crafts, speakers, exercise, social gatherings, birthday parties, and holiday events. We have a billiard parlor, puzzles, games, computer lab, woodshop, and informal gatherings between new friends. Trips take residents to a variety of sites.

"What kind of food is served?"

Our nightly meal offers three entrees to choose from (one of which is a "heart smart" selection), plus a full-spread salad bar featuring at least two dozen items and our hot, delicious soup. Each evening meal features a dessert, and Sunday Brunch (a family favorite) includes a specialty entree and a variety of other items to satisfy everyone. Our assisted living residents enjoy daily selections for all three meals.

"How much do I get back for the Triplex when I no longer occupy it?"

You will receive 80% of your purchase price upon the re-lease of the Triplex for those who are aged 72 or older.

"What are the terms of occupancy for apartments?"

Residents sign a rental agreement for all independent living and assisted living apartments. There is no long-term lease; desired occupancy is month to month.

"What is the difference between 'light assisted living' and 'assisted living'?"

"Light assisted living" is our term to help describe the intention of the program. Both light assisted living and assisted living are licensed and regulated by the State of Washington. Light assisted living allows for more independent residents to access assistance for scheduled and predictable medical tasks such as medication monitoring or bathing assistance. Should medical needs increase or become more complex, a move to the assisted wing may be considered.

"Do I have to participate in the meal program?"

For residents in independent living, one meal per day is included in the monthly rent, however three meals are available. Residents may choose to take extra meals whenever desired. No, you do not have to join us for a meal; an adjustment in your rent can be made. (Assisted living residents need to take all meals because we assume care responsibilities.)

"Does Orchard Crest Retirement Community have a Medicaid contract?"

Residents who have been living at Orchard Crest Retirement Community paying privately for at least three years may be eligible to obtain Medicaid depending on available Medicaid-eligible apartments, reimbursement or legal changes, or specific healthcare needs. Orchard Crest Retirement Community reserves the right to limit the number of Medicaid residents and may also terminate the entire Medicaid contract at any time.

"Is smoking allowed?"

For the benefit and safety of all, smoking is not allowed in any indoor community area including apartments and all common areas. Residents and their guests who smoke may do so on their private patios or balconies as long as these areas are in compliance with the state law's requirements of minimum distances from entryways and ventilation systems.

"Can I bring my pet?"

Absolutely! A pet deposit is made at the time of occupancy and a list of rules and requirements need to be adhered to, but we welcome your furry companions.

"Do you provide transportation?"

We have a bus that takes residents to scheduled shopping and to a variety of outings throughout the Inland Northwest. Transportation to doctors and other appointments is to be available on a limited basis.

"Who owns Orchard Crest Retirement Community?"

Jaclin Smith and Norm Lunt are the business partners who own Orchard Crest Retirement Community. Together they dreamed and planned our beautiful community and the pride of their ownership can be seen throughout. Jaclin has been a resident of the Northwest since childhood. She visits Orchard Crest Retirement Community regularly and her friendly smile is a welcome sight for staff and residents alike. Norm, who is also the former Administrator of Orchard Crest Retirement Community, has resided in Spokane since 1985. His easy-going manner and quick wit make everyone feel comfortable discussing and resolving issues.

"How do I know if I need independent living or assisted living?"

In many ways, these living options are indistinguishable - however one way to help you determine what you need is to discuss these questions with your family and/or health care provider:

  • Are you calling someone more than twice per week for help?
  • Are you confused about your medications?
  • Are you afraid of being alone?
  • Are you falling down?
  • Are you afraid of falling?
  • Do you need help with meals and meal planning?
  • Do you need assistance with bathing?
  • Do you need assistance with dressing?
  • Do you need help walking?
  • Do you feel like you are imposing on your caregiver's time?